Mole & Dove was founded by Sammy in 2012 after designing a headdress with a dove, and a small mole to put in her husband to be’s wedding suit.

Growing up surrounded by the out doors not only nurtured a love of animals and nature but also enabled a diverse and creative upbringing. The Somerset countryside, a farm bred cat who brought her home presents of mice, birds and other small rodents and a very liberal mother encouraged her curiosity from an early age.

Practicing taxidermy since the age of 8, and becoming a member of the Guild of taxidermist in 2008,  has meant taxidermy has always been a part of her life. Following strict guidelines to help protect nature and habitats, with all of the specimens used having not died for the art of taxidermy is very much a core value to her.

Steiner school and art college enabled Sammy to gain a place at the prestigious fashion university The London College of Fashion where she studied Handbag Design. 

Although she doesn’t work for past companies like Rebecca Minkoff where she was the lead designer any more, her work isn’t such a far cry from her past, cutting through leather and putting it back together again to make something beautiful.

As well as making her own Taxidermy pieces and working on commissions including pets, Sammy teaches Taxidermy at an east London based Taxidermy school called The Curious Menagerie. Please follow the link to book group lessons or contact her directly for private lessons


Special thanks to Louis Mackay and Mary Clarke for fantastic photography


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